Monday, April 25, 2016

Character Development

Hello once again, readers! It's Arianna again, here with another post, about... me! I've made one post about myself before, but I haven't gotten too deep into who I really am as a person. I consider myself to be a very philosophical person, first off, and I like to think deeply about things and consider all sides of the story. I also consider myself to be a pretty friendly person, although I do love my alone time and am pretty introverted. I find happiness in a combination of both spending time around people and spending time alone, and if I don't get the right amounts, it takes an impact on my mental health. Those are some of my main characteristics that I consider imperfections.  I've made one post about myself before, but I haven't gotten too deep into who I really am as a person. I consider myself to be a very philosophical person, first off, and I like to think deeply about things and consider all sides of the story.

I plan to exaggerate my features of being a leader, being kind and friendly, and having a sense of humor. However, I'm also going to be a bit of a procrastinator sometimes, and I tend to have my priorities out of order on some occasions. I also consider myself to be a pretty friendly person, although I do love my alone time and am pretty introverted. I find happiness in a combination of both spending time around people and spending time alone, and if I don't get the right amounts, it takes an impact on my mental health.

When creating an animated GIF character, I choose to make my frames from my layers first. So I created each adjustment first in a new layer using puppet warp, put them in order, and then pressed "Make Frames from Layers" and then I used those to create my animation. Then I just made a few edits and everything fell into place! Although, I'm not sure I'm super happy with my photo. I'm over all not very into the whole puppet-warp thing, just because I feel like it doesn't really fit with real life humans.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

.MOV Film Festival

Hello again, everyone! Arianna is back with a whole new project, this time about a movie trailer for the Kauai .MOV Film Festival! In our class, we got the choice to either make an animation, sitcom, or movie trailer; and my team chose to do the last because we had an idea. My keywords are Adventure, Cliche, Frustration, Discovery, Narration, and Comedy, which relate to my story because my story is about a narrator getting frustrated with their cliche script. These keywords connect to my audience by demonstrating the meaning behind  My keywords are Adventure, Cliche, Frustration, Discovery, Narration, and Comedy, which relate to my story because my story is about a narrator getting frustrated with their cliche script. These keywords connect to my audience by

The overall message of my team's movie trailer is to just simply... make our audience laugh. We want to expose those cliches that are commonly found in these kinds of movies, and bring humor to those situations. We think that it is unique to have the narrator of a movie trailer be such a dominant character in a story, rather than just a... well, narrator.

The biggest challenge my movie trailer team has faced was getting everything we wanted to do done in the time we had. We filmed at 6 different locations, every single day after school for the duration of the project, for several hours a day. For most teams, this would get what they needed in no time; but, all of our members were busy on different days so it was difficult to coordinate our shots in the time we had. I think we did pretty well, though, with the resources we had, although there are some things that I would redo if I had the chance.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Tiny Spherical Worlds

Composite images are very useful from a photographer's perspective as they create very high quality images when you create a panorama/photo merge, and can also be used to make very abstract photo projects and more creative elements of photo manipulation. You can see another example of me using composite images on my last blog post, Hockney Style Joiners. I like using composite imagery because I think it allows for more options on what to do with your photos, and I overall really love this project.

Polar panoramas resemble little worlds, in my opinion. In contrast, spherical panoramas look like little vortexes that you just feel like you're about to be sucked into. Polar panoramas connect the earth portion of your world together, to create a spherical-looking world. Spherical panoramas connect the sky portion of your world together, making it look like you're being sucked into your world. I personally prefer polar panoramas, I think they look cooler. However, I still like spherical panoramas, but I wouldn't use them much, or make them in my own time.

My tiny worlds look convincing because I took my photos in all 360 degrees, creating an already almost-seamless composition. However, using the stamp tool, I can polish my image. The stamp tool is a very useful device that you use by selecting a piece of your world nearby and using your brush to place the piece nearby over the one you used. I find this tool very useful! But, you must know how to make your brush softer and change the opacity of the brush to really take advantage of this wonderful tool.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Hockney Style Joiners

In GT, we're learning about how to make photomontages similar to those of David Hockney! It's pretty similar to the project I did back in 6th grade, with a few key differences. For example, we're taking more inspirational kinds of pictures rather than just any subject. We're editing the photos in PhotoShop, while Hockney did now. We're turning down the opacity of each picture down to 80% so you can see the full overlap, adding a stroke, and adding some curves and other adjustive layers just to enhance our images.

Images can send positive or negative messages just as actions or expressions can. For example, if you have a photograph of someone hurting someone else, that would give a negative message as that's what message the action give itself. Images humans associate with positive traits will give a positive message, for example if you take a picture of someone helping others out.

The message I intended to to portray to my audience was a sense of serenity. I wanted my landscape to feel peaceful, but add elements of clutter to it with the photomontage element. I had taken this shot on a Sleeping Giant peak, to give a sense of dominance over the world. I also purposely showed myself taking the shot in the bottom right corner to add interest and a focal point to my image.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

2016 Aspirations

First off, I want to start learning a new language! My pick is Japanese, and I've already mastered the hiragana and katakana tables for Japanese, and I'm currently learning my Kanji and grammar! KANJI IS SO HARD THOUGH, WHYYY. Second of all, I want to become a better musician! Learning new guitar and piano songs, as well as becoming a better singer. I also want to work on making my video game, manga, anime, and musical animes for a project I made with 7 other people! (Shoutouts to Dylan, Cherish, April, Iris, Sejong, Loren and Kaz ^^) Other than those, I also want to get more physically fit, and healthier! I already eat pretty healthy foods, but I undereat often (sometimes as little as 600 calories!!! But I never have the time...) I want to be able to complete all of my homework every day, and focus and work harder! I want to improve my academic spheres.

The most important of those goals to me is probably the 3rd, the project I'm doing, called Ć’orte! We work really hard, for a few hours almost every day! It's my biggest creative outlet right now, as I get to work in several mediums, such as drawing, writing, animating, composing music, and programming. It's definitely a challenge, though, even with this team! I'm not allowed to reveal much information to the public at the moment, but stay tuned to learn more about our upcoming project! My second most important goal to me is becoming a better musician, because that goes back to the project we're doing as well (and also the Japanese learning, since we're making an English and Japanese version and the majority of our members speak Japanese.)

There are many ways I'm going to work on this great project! I pretty much mentioned them all above, though... But to recap, I'm improving my art skills, music skills, and Japanese knowledge, as well as learning how to animate and use different programs. I'm also practicing my writing skills by making complex characters. Overall, I'm really excited to be working with my awesome teammates! (sorry if I gave too much information away @ my teammates ^^;;)

Monday, November 30, 2015

Scratch Game Design


Hey again readers! So in GT we've been coding some simple video games! For example, the game on the left is a chase game that I made where you play as a hungry penguin who just wants to eat as much fish as possible! The more fish you can get in 30 seconds, the better! The game on the right is my platformer game, which I made about a unicorn who travels through galaxies searching for the magical star coin! **WOO** So, as you can see below, there have been many comments made below about my games, in sandwich style critiques. I have been using the critiques I have received in order to improve my games to the best that they can be!

B: Compare & contrast the features of each game

C: Describe your best code & most difficult bug fixes
One of my best codes in my two games would have to be my code for my fish to randomly spawn. I made one that no one else used, and I think it was a pretty successful one as I wanted my fish to have the look as if they were flopping around! It also made sure that the fish respawned randomly to make sure the game was harder.

Embed all Scratch games & SS your best code

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Invention Commercial

My team's main goals for this project were to produce a product that would seriously help out our audience! And while we did that, I think we could've done it in a more interesting way. I'm still fairly happy with the way things turned out, though. Another goal of ours was to make the app in a way that was easy but still completely functional, which we did by using making a blog powered by Blogger instead of making an actual iPhone/Android app. It worked really well, and after all, it's just a prototype! One last goal was to entertain our audience, which we did all right but I totally think we could do better!

My team's best moment during this project was probably when we were super productive in class and filmed the whole thing in one period! I felt really good about it during that. We also had a lot of "eureka" moments in our production. For example, we felt pretty good when we chose our name for Talk-O, because it was a funny pun, and also when we made the perfect background for our app.

In our editing process, we all did our fair share of work! I made the Talk-Oh logo as well as the background behind it, because I'm a pretty artsy person. Loren wrote the majority of the commercial plan, as she likes writing, but we all contributed to it. Celeste put all of the clips together in order, because she likes editing the best. We all edited them to perfection together, and each made our own suggestions to our video. I'm very happy with how we all worked together!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Composition Scavenger Hunt

It's very hard to choose a composition technique that is the most important, but I think it'd have to be Rule of Thirds. Rule of Thirds is one of the most commonly implemented composition technique and your photography or cinematography is usually more respected if you use it, rather than if you choose  But, that doesn't mean it's a strict rule! In the case of composition techniques, rules are meant to be broken if it means making a stunning photo. That being said, they still exist for a reason, and usually composition techniques can really enhance a photo.

I'd say the most difficult composition technique for us students to grasp is Leading Lines. At first I was like "what? Leading Lines is so easy!" but on the questionaire, I too got the answer wrong! We were all over the place with this one, and the correct answer was "Neither". But, I was one of the people who said both! One thing I didn't know about leading lines is that it had to come from the foreground into the subject in the midground/background. I thought that any lines aiming towards the subject counted as leading lines! But, I wasn't alone in this assumption, and many other students got it wrong. Only 44% of the 35 people who answered got the answer correct!

My two teammates were Celeste Velarde and Loren Weiner, who are both super awesome go check out their blogs!!!11 In our activity, we all took turns on different roles: being the subject and being the cameraperson. Loren was the one who did the voice overs for our video. I did Rule of thirds (scenery),  Framing, and Parts of a Whole. I starred in Leading Lines, Extreme Close-up, and our Group shot. We also all edited the video together, and Loren put in the captions to each technique. Loren and I chose the fabulous audio for our video! Overall, I'm very happy with the finished product of this mini-project!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Cracking the Code

I think that if advanced caculus is mandatory, then coding should be as well due to the fact that coding and programming are very prominent in our modern day society. Our world is becoming more and more focused on electronics, and coding is a very practical thing to know as it's also one of the most well-paying jobs out there right now! Even if you don't want a career in programming, I still think it's a useful skill to know because in most jobs you actually have to use some degree of coding and it also requires logic as well!

My first experience with programming was when I was 8 or 9 and I learned HTML. I had an account on a fairly popular gaming website which had tutorials on HTML coding. All of the "cool" people on that website had made their own lookup page with cool graphics and I wanted to be just like them! So, I learned HTML and I made my own super cool graphics! That's how my experience with coding started, and from then on, I learned CSS for that website! And last year, I moved on to learning actual languages and I learned basic Ruby! From there, I made a video game with one of my friends, Preston Patterson, this summer. I think that a big part of coding in video games is actually using your logic to figure out how exactly the mechanics work and everything plays out.

If I could make any game, I'd probably make an RPG. I've already started on conceptualizing those sorts of games, and I think I'd like to make that kind of video game because I'm good at writing plots and characters! And I also know how to make sprites, so I think an RPG would be best for me since I already know most of how to develop it! I've made a platformer before with my own sprites and different maps, but it wasn't really my passion so I think I'd like to make something with more depth to it! I also think RPGs have the potential to be very original which some forms of games don't have that level of potential.

Friday, October 2, 2015

My Humorous Monologue

By doing this video project, I've learnt a lot about humor and what makes people laugh! I kinda studied some of my favorite YouTubers in order to see what even makes me laugh! I thought not very many people would like my video, but I was pleasantly surprised as I heard a few chuckles in the audience! I also learned that risk-taking is a hit or miss - you'll just have to deal with it if you miss the mark, but taking a risk can lead to many amazing things to come!

Pad is a term in video where one takes around 3   where part of the audio or overall action gets cut off! This is a big problem that will severely reduce the quality of your overall project. As a video editor, you don't want that! So, that's the reason we have this magical thing called "PAD"! It acts as like a sort of "pillow" where you make sure that you have enough space in your audio so it doesn't sound all broken and stuff.

I think a big difficulty I've had in this project is the fact that I kind of went outside of the requirements and did more of a dialogue rather than a monologue! My video is circulated around the interactions between two characters rather than me just talking about a humorous situation. I knew personally, monologues aren't my style and before I even knew the requirements I just went along with what I had already wrote! My strengths in this project I think were my creativity in this project! Like I said, I did something no one else did asnd I'm quite proud of how I did that! It was a risky move, one that proved to benefit me in the end!